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A project management system for the software startup age.

A project management method custom tailored to streamline application development

BUILD stands for Break Up In to Little Deliverables – taking insurmountable projects and dividing them into doable tasks. Learn how to get the most out of your workday by implementing our easy-to-follow process and planning strategy. When you follow The Build Method, you’ll unlock hidden potential while maximizing product quality and staying ahead of your goals.

10x Your Project Production
Is not a myth
Complex Planning Made Easy
Control complexity
Drive Decisions With Data
Measure and learn
Build Faster, Build Better

Expect huge gains in productivity by incorporating The Build Method best practices. It is possible to work two, four, or even ten times faster – it’s not a myth! With the custom tailored best-practices that are included in The Build Method you can expect huge gains in productivity.

Planning Made Easy

Embrace our step-by-step planning guides to help understand what your product is going to be. Lay everything out correctly at the onset of a project, and you’ll decipher the secret to productivity that successful startups keep under wraps!

Say No To Murky Decisions

Measure the relevant data and stop working from assumptions. The Build Method is an extensive research-backed approach to quantifying your project and your team so you can take action on the things that matter.

A Comprehensive Approach

We’re not creating a project management book, we’re starting a revolution. This website will become a fully fledged resource to help you and your team understand and implement the method, and we’re launching a comprehensive software solution to simplify the entire process.

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Software based on the build method
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Current Chapter List
  • 1. History & Genesis of the Method
  • 2. Definitions of Concepts and Terms
  • 3. Data Driven Team Management
  • 4. Planning and Prototyping
  • 5. Implementing the Method
  • 6. Researching Best Practices
  • 7. UI / UX Design Best Practices
  • 8. Development Best Practices
  • 9. Copywriting Best Practices
  • 10. Quality Assurance Best Practices
  • 11. The Flexible Method
  • 12. Looking Past Launch
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Build your project faster

The Build Method is an encyclopedic approach to project management in the digital age. The knowledge in the upcoming book will help you make software faster, better, and have the know-how to curate a great team around your product. Sign up today and you’ll get free access to all of our resources as we publish them!